HDDE25100BK Nedis Hard Disk Enclosure 2.5″

Hard Disk Enclosure | 2.5 " | SATA II connection | USB 2.0

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If your notebook is irreparably damaged while the hard disk is still working, don’t let your valuable data get wasted. Install the hard disk in this HDD enclosure and turn it into a compact external hard disk. This way, you can bring your pictures, movies and other digital files along and get easy access to them via any PC or notebook.


• 2.5" SATA: provides a low-cost solution for reusing the HDD of a computer, e.g. after an HDD upgrade
• USB connection for easy access to files: just plug and play
• Quick data transfer of 480 Mbps
• No external power adapter required
• Compact design: easily bring along your external memory

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