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Coax Cable | RG174 |

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Product description

High-quality coax cable on a 50-metre reel, to be used in applications such as Wi-Fi pigtails or cell phone signal boosters.
This cable delivers proper attenuation and good double shielding against signal interference in and around your home.


• 50 m coax cable in gift box for medium-length installations
• Double cable shielding, for maximum protection against radio frequency interference
• High-quality oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors, for the lowest possible signal loss

Attenuation (dB / 100 m):
50 MHz: 20.1 dB
100 MHz: 25.9 dB
200 MHz: 36.8 dB
400 MHz: 52.4 dB
800 MHz: 74.7 dB
950 MHz: 81.7 dB

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Coax cable
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