AG4 Battery

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Best value of alkaline and silver oxide batteries. 
Silver oxide can replace any alkaline battery and provide longer life.  Replacing a silver oxide battery with an alkaline version will work, but have shorter life.

Diameter: 6.8mm
Height: 2.6mm
Voltage: 1.5V
Capacity: 18 mAh

Silver Oxide
Diameter: 6.8mm
Height: 2.6mm
Voltage: 1.55V
Capacity: 26 mAh
Equivalent Names
Common: AG4, LR66, LR626, 177

Equivalent Names
Common: SG4, SR626, SR626SW
Citizen: 280-39
Energizer: 377
Duracell: D377
Maxell: SR626SW
Panasonic: SP377
Renata: 37
Seiko: SR/TR41SW, SR/TR41W
Toshiba: MR41
Ultralast: UL377
Varta: V377
Other: BA

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