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Digital Multimeter DT9208A


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  • Volt and frequency
    • At 1Vrms input frequency range is from 100Hz to 200kHz, but not very precise
    • 1 VAC is 5% up at 10kHz
    • Frequency input do not requires a zero crossing.
    • Input impedance is 10Mohm on DC and AC, mVDC input impedance will drop to 1Mohm above 3.3V
    • Frequency input is a capacitor.
  • Current
    • 200mA current is protected by soldered SMD fuse.
    • 20A current range is unprotected
  • Ohm, Continuity, diode and capacitance
    • Ohm needs about 1.6s to measure 100ohm
    • Ohm is 0.29V open and 0.17mA down to 0.027mA shorted, except 200M range that uses 2.9V and 3uA shorted-
    • Continuity is very slow (About 380ms).
    • Continuity beeps and a weak red led turns on when resistance is below 66ohm.
    • Continuity/Diode range uses 2.9V, max. display is 1.999 at 1.53V with 0.77mA, max. current is 1.62mA shorted
    • 10uF takes about 1 seconds to measure.
    • 100uF takes about 1 seconds to measure.
    • Overload protection is not rated
  • Miscellaneous
    • Current consumption of meter is 1.2mA.
    • Meter works down to 2.8V where it turns off, battery symbol show at 6.7V.
    • Reading starts to change around 6.4V and is 50% to high at 3.9V and 100% to high just before it turns off.
    • The meter usual need a couple of display update to reach the final value.
    • Viewing angle is good.
    • Display updates around 3 times/sec
    • Power do not automatic turn off.
    • Standard probes cannot be pushed very much down.
    • Weight is 228g without accessories, but with rubber sleeve and batteries.
    • Size is 191 x 89 x 35mm with rubber sleeve.
  • Probes
    • Probe resistance 92mOhm for one, these probes are not for measuring 10A or 20A.
    • Probe wire is soft and 57cm long.
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