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Self-excited RCC pseudo-resonance type AC-DC switching power supply control IC

• Operating supply voltage range: Stop voltage (8.6 V typical) to 34 V

• Output block employs the totem pole system.

• Power MOSFET can be directly driven. (output peak current: ±1 A maximum)

• Small pre-start operating current (95 µA typical) allows using a small size start resistor.

• Built-in pulse-by-pulse overcurrent protection function

• Incorporating the protection circuit against malfunction at low voltage (start/stop: 14.9 V/8.6 V)

• Built-in overvoltage protection function (externally resettable)

• Built-in timer latch function

• Equipped with frequency (VF) control function.

• 9-pin single inline package expands the freedom of board design

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